COIL Project: Co-Creating Positive Intercultural Messaging - Communicating with Confidence

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Collaborative Online International Learning has been used as a didactical method to challenge 1st year students from AMSIB's International Business programme to engage with 1st year students from the Durban University of Technolgoy as they co-create positive intercultural messaging and promote communicating with confidence.

The project was conducted as part of the Personal Development 2 course together with our partner the Durban University of Technology where the course in question was Media Studies 1 from the Faculty of Art & Design.

This COIL project was created by Adriaan Van Nieuwkerk (AMSIB) and Tarryn Frankish (DUT), and was comprised of the following learning objectives:

- Cross-examine similarities and differences in intercultural communication styles between the Netherlands and Durban, South Africa.
- Display effective international collaborative practices through virtual communication and collaboration tools.
- Showcase professional communication skills using applicable media messaging to an intercultural audience.
- Demonstrate positive attitudes when collaborating in diverse teams through forming stimulating working environments.

The successful collaboration between the creators resulted in a positive student experience as per our qualitative analysis of student reflection reports. Next academic year, the project will take place during it's 2nd iteration with the necessary adjustments. The project itself has demonstrated that COIL is an effective didactical method that provide students and lecturers with meaningful learning experiences and supports the achievement of the learning objectives associated with the courses to which it corresponds to.
Period6 Feb 20239 Apr 2023