COIL Project - Successful Job Acquisition Processes

Activity: Educational contribution / Supervising student theses, products Educational contribution Educational


Together with the Hochschule fur Wirtschaft und Recht Berlin, we have conducted a COIL project for 1st year Persaonl Development students at AMSIB and 3rd year students at the HWR. Students were required to cross-examine cultural differences between countries of their choice (primarily the Netherlands and Germany) when conducting interviewing processes during job applications. Essentially, they were required to collaborate and produce a video on how to engage in a positive interviewing process, taking into account the intercultural differences/challenges corresponding to the countries being investigated.

Students strived to achieve the following learning objectives corresponding to the project:

Develop an awareness for cultural differences within the selected professional
• Demonstrate the ability to reflect on personal development skills on and
individual and group level.
• Display job seeking preparation strategies and methods applicable to
Germany and the Netherlands.
• Develop collaborative relationships within a cross-national environment
through virtual online collaboration

The project demonstrated that collaborative online international learning can provide students with a meaningful and productive learning experience that can help them to achieve the learning outcomes of the courses they correspond to and by extension the learning outcomes of the programme itself.
Period10 Nov 202215 Jan 2023