IKEA company visit

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The students had the chance to talk to Jasper Fortuijn, Director of Payment Capabilities, Melvin Schreijer, product owner, and Julia Veitl, product owner of IKEA prepaid, gift cards, and returns.
The visit started with an introduction of IKEA by Jasper Fortuijn. Thereafter, the interconnectivity between the several teams within the Amshult division was thoroughly explained. You really received a sense of the importance of each role within the division. For example, Melvin Schreijer works in the team that takes care of the payment process. Authorization, Reporting, and Clearing/Settlement are the 3 crucial steps within the payment procedure. However, this can’t be achieved without a user interface, which is assigned to the UX developers. Additionally, it might be that a client would like to refund an item for whatever. This of course is also part of the payment process. This is where the expertise of Julia Veitl comes into play. As there is an ever-growing emphasis on sustainability, Julia cultivates digital solutions/alternatives to make this procedure as seamless and eco-friendly as possible. We ended our information day with a tour around the beautiful Amshult office.
Period11 Jun 2024
Event typeOther
LocationAmsterdam, NetherlandsShow on map