Jimena Renteria Ramos, Narratives and strategies regarding long-lasting clothing from fashion brands and how users define their own

Activity: Educational contribution / Supervising student theses, products Supervising student thesesEducational


When promoting sustainability, the fashion industry has come up with various solutions and strategies. One of them is long-lasting clothing, which takes into account the user’s values while reducing the environmental impact in hopes of avoiding its prompt replacement. However, since there is no set definition of what a long-lasting means, each brand has created its own narrative. This study aims to find out how four brands communicate their strategies to users and how users define their own. An analysis of their websites and Instagram profiles was conducted, as well as hashtag queries to find users’ associations.
Where it was observed that outdoor photos with natural light tended to elicit more reactions and how durability is more associated with repairing clothes than longevity. This also showed that repair initiatives are welcomed by users, which could help in developing strategies to reward this behaviour and tools to facilitate repairs for the end-user. To encourage sustainable practices and move away from a throwaway culture.
PeriodSept 2020Apr 2021
Degree of RecognitionInternational