Master Digital Design - Blockchain Wallet Design project

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When Bitcoin first came to the financial scene in 2009, it found fertile ground in a post-financial crash society; alternatives to the closed financial technologies in the banking world were very welcome. In the years since its initial launch, Bitcoin has sparked many debates (Is it as revolutionary as it claims to be? Does it just facilitate criminal activity? What can be done about the power concentrations caused by the excessive amounts of computing power needed to mine Bitcoin? Etc.). Blockchain, the technology that supports it, has now become the key ingredient in many start-up pitches. As a shared ledger among a network of users, many blockchain start-ups aim to transform finance, for example making it more transparent, and replacing trust in an institution with trustless code. While the start-up sector has embraced blockchain, the technology remains abstract and complex for the broader population. This project looks at interfaces that bridge the gap between the user and their understanding of the technology and its consequences.

The project was done by students of the Master Digital Design: Burga Kantar, Sander Boer, Chantal Ramzy, Lena Heinrich.
Period8 Nov 201719 Jan 2018
Degree of RecognitionLocal