Ravenna Osgood, Comfort and Comfort Zones: a visual investigation into the implications and intricacies of comfort in domestic space in relation to color, clothing, and redecoration

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This study investigates comfort and comfort zones in domestic space in relation to color, clothing, and redecoration by utilizing literature review and photo studies methods. The term domestic space is leveraged as it was the term most frequently found in the referred to research literature. The posed research question, “What makes people feel comfortable in domestic space?” will be looked at through the lens of the accompanying sub-questions: What redecoration or rearrangements can be done to domestic space to enhance comfort?Which color plays a role in the creation of comfort within the house?
Which clothing is considered most comfortable to wear in domestic space?
These questions are posed to study participants and posed again when analyzing the photographs submitted of their domestic spaces. The research utilizes the photo studies method to gather relevant insights and information from study participants to conclude what comfort is to them. The findings will be analyzed and used to conclude how consumers seek comfort in domestic space and clothing. Due to the lockdown measures related to the COVID-19 pandemic, people have had to stay confined in their domestic areas much more than they usually would have done over the past year and a half. Thus the timing of a study on domestic space, and particularly comfort in that space, is well served. Participants were asked to complete a visual and written questionnaire essential to the photo study conducted for this research.
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PeriodSept 2020Aug 2021
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