Redesing of Business model & Services Course

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The Business Model & Services course is undergoing a redesign to enhance the learning experience and prepare students for high-level research projects and consultancy. The redesigned course will focus on key aspects such as business models, strategies, qualitative research methods, innovation, and business operations. It will incorporate interactive and practical delivery modes that combine theoretical concepts with real-world frameworks. Through the analysis of real business case projects, students will develop a deeper understanding of applying these concepts in practical scenarios. The course will also emphasize the development of skills and knowledge required for the thesis, ensuring internal alignment and constructive integration of the course content.In addition to the redesigned content, the Business Model & Services course will incorporate oral assessment exams and project peer evaluations. These assessment methods will promote continuous learning and provide opportunities for professional exposure. Oral assessment exams will allow students to demonstrate their understanding and communication skills through verbal presentations and discussions. Project peer evaluations will encourage collaboration and feedback among students, fostering a supportive and interactive learning environment. These assessment components aim to enhance students' critical thinking, teamwork, and presentation abilities, preparing them for real-world professional settings and promoting their ongoing development.
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