Software Evolution

  • Riemer van Rozen (Participant)
  • Ana Oprescu (Participant)
  • Paul Klint (Participant)
  • Magiel Bruntink (Participant)
  • Davy Landman (Participant)
  • Vadim Zaytsev (Participant)

Activity: Educational contribution / Supervising student theses, products Educational contribution Educational


Software Evolution is a course in the Master of Software Engineering at the University of Amsterdam of 6 ECTS.
Module coordinator: Riemer van Rozen (HvA)
Lab teachers: Riemer van Rozen (HvA) and Ana Oprescu (UvA)
(Guest) Lecturers: Riemer van Rozen (HvA), Paul Klint (CWI), Magiel Bruntink (SIG), Davy Landman (SWAT.Engineering) and Vadim Zaytsev (Raincode)

Exit qualification: The graduate masters the methods and techniques needed to analyze an existing software system and to enable it to evolve given changing requirements. Our objectives are three-fold:
1) The first objective is to acquire an understanding and appreciation of the challenges posed by software maintenance and software evolution.
2) The second objective is to learn about quality of software and source code and how it affects software maintenance and evolution.
3) The final objective is to be able to select and also construct software analysis and software transformation tools to help obtain insight in software quality and to help improve software quality.
The course ties in closely with pap er writing sessions where the objectives are to learn from academic literature, to develop curiosity, and to improve argumentation and writing skills.
Period30 Nov 201820 Dec 2018
Held atUniversiteit van Amsterdam, Master of Software Engineering, Faculty of Science, Netherlands
Degree of RecognitionInternational