The role of Artificial Intelligence and Learning Analytics in transformative mathematics education

  • Manolis Mavrikis (Keynote speaker)
  • Celia Hoyles (Speaker)
  • Richard Noss (Speaker)
  • Marcelo Milrad (Speaker)
  • Palha, S. (Speaker)
  • Christian Bokhove (Speaker)

Activity: Talk or presentationInvited talkAcademic


Plenary discussion
Chair: Manolis Mavrikis (University College London
The hype of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Learning Analytics (LA) is increasingly having an influence on how education could be carried out and improved. For example, around the world, there are several multi-million-dollar-funded corporations claiming to be using AI to ‘transform’ education. Despite these efforts, there is not always enough evidence to support these claims. From an academic perspective, most of the research in AI and mathematics education in the past witnessed the emergence of intelligent tutoring systems and intelligent assessment, at times simply digitising poor pedagogical practices. This panel will look into the promises and pitfalls of AI and LA investigating the relevance of this set of emerging technologies with a focus on the theme of the conference, namely – transforming mathematics education. The panelists will present and discuss their research and visions for opening new avenues of research and innovation but also adopting a balanced critical view of the current state-of-the-art. The audience will have the opportunity to contribute in defining priority areas and all together we will try to reach a vision of how AI and LA can be used for transforming mathematics learning and teaching.
PeriodJun 2023
Event title16th International Conference on Technology in Mathematics Teaching (ICTMT 16)
Event typeConference
LocationAthene, GreeceShow on map