Data.Evaluation Report 9-months pilot Open Science Support Desk

  • Gerben ter Riet (Contributor)
  • N.R. van Ulzen (Owner)
  • F.A. van Nes (Contributor)



Datasets related to the evaluation and report of the Urban Vitality (UV) Open science support desk. Data were exported from Qualtrics and saved as STATA (.dta) files and analyzed using STATA version 13.1. This item contains:1. Qualtrics-exports: two tab-separated value (.tsv) files2. STATA: two STATA data (.dta) files3. STATA: three STATA log (.txt) filesThe STATA analysis files are deposited in UvA/HvA figshare separately and are publcily available. More information is available in the report.
Date made available22 Jan 2021
PublisherHogeschool van Amsterdam

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