Publieke database repurpose V1.0 (9-9-22)_MvH - BS.xlsx



In order to get an idea of the scope of repurpose, desk research was used to search for as many existing examples as possible both national as international with maximum variety. This has led to a database with more than a hundred repurpose examples that represent the scope of current repurpose practice. These examples are included in the database that is searchable for some characteristics of repurpose. Use the database as inspiration and extra knowledge in the field of repurpose.  

The practical examples can be filtered with a number of variables in relation to origin, origin of the base material, critical factors, typology, new application, characteristics of new products,  business models, impact and sources or references.

The database with inspiring repurpose examples is part of the research Repurpose Driven Design & Management co-funded by SiA, the taskforce for Applied Research.
Date made available13 Sept 2022
PublisherHogeschool van Amsterdam

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