Amsterdam impact award 2021



The Impact Award is annually awarded to distinguished researchers or research groups who made meaningful contributions to society with their research and innovations. The award is an achievement award, that celebrates and acknowledges the importance of creating impact outside universities and in society.

The Impact Award is part of the Amsterdam Science & Innovation Award (AmSIA). The Impact Award is an initiative of IXA (Innovation Exchange Amsterdam), the Knowledge Transfer Office of HvA, UvA, VU and Amsterdam UMC). IXA identifies and nominates researchers for the Impact Award with help of it’s extensive network in the universities.

Jeroen Kluck (HvA) conducts research into climate adaptation in cities. “The major challenge for the coming years is the development of a city that is liveable and healthy all year round and that pays attention to biodiversity. Guidelines for climate resilience have been developed based on my research. Municipalities use these in redevelopment projects. If a street is to be overhauled, planners can see if there is room for a row of trees or a park nearby. Every redesign is along the bar of climate-resilient objectives. In this way, a city has completely changed in thirty years. And there are already municipalities and provinces that work like this.”

Degree of recognitionRegional
Granting OrganisationsInnovation Exchange Amsterdam

Awarded at event

Event titleAmsterdam Science and Innovation Award 2021
LocationNEMO, AmsterdamShow on map
Period9 Nov 2021 → 9 Nov 2021