Community-based interprofessional education of health professionals: focusing on resilience and diversity

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The Netherlands changes from welfare to participation society, in which citizens have responsibility for their own health. This is not reachable for every citizen, resulting in a rise of marginalized vulnerable groups, half of them with a migration background. Within our faculty of Health there is a lack of education in training students as interprofessional professionals on community-based health promotion in the urban diverse environment.

Positive health, social determinants of health, interprofessional collaboration and intercultural communication skills will prepare the students for their work in the community.

Educational approach
Education as a continuous learning track in the curricula of all bachelor programs (Occupational, Physical, Exercise therapy and Nursing) based on a sustainable assignment portfolio in the urban environment.

Collaboration in interprofessional teams and focusing on health promotion and diversity gives students insight into the complexity of citizens problems. They learn to use one another’s expertise to come up with ‘citizen-oriented’ solutions on resilience. The programme fuses education and community practice in all courses and academic years.

Application to Education
Students carry out assignments and internships in the community, teaching staff supervises students in the community and local professionals and citizens enrich the education focussing on resilience and diversity.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 16 Sept 2021
EventENOTHE-COTEC Online Congress 2021 - Praag - Czech Republic - online
Duration: 15 Sept 202118 Sept 2021


ConferenceENOTHE-COTEC Online Congress 2021


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