Deliverable D 1.1: Whitebook requirements: systems specifications used in the first pilot phase

Ana Rita Farias, Halldora Thorsdottir

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The following report aims to introduce the main me2 specifications, and to describe the requirements needed to develop the me2 project. Me2 is a technological platform where the behaviours related to energy consumption could be monitored, and also to increase the energy efficiency.
In order to have a better understanding about the use of that kind of platforms, a brief literature review is firstly presented, where some of the main behaviour changing mechanisms practices are highlighted. Also, a policy analysis was developed to give an extended overview of the existing market structures and barriers, as well as, the technical features that are relevant for the development of a venture like me2.
The report will end with a detailed description of what the me2 user will be like. This information is mostly based on the pre-pilot survey and on a cross-cultural analysis between Portugal and the Netherlands. This comparison is fundamental for a better understanding about the target community used in this project. Concerning to the functional systems requirements, they are also described in this report, giving special attention to what is called me2 Logic, that includes the front-end platform, back-end activities, and the algorithms to user engagement.
Therefore, this report delivers, in a very detailed way, all the reviewed information and procedures needed to be determined prior to the platform’s establishment, and regarding its implementation for the project’s first pilot in Lisbon.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages72
EditionVersion 1.7
Publication statusPublished - 13 Jul 2017


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