Design Options and Learning Analytic Pathways in Doing Agile Scrum Team Work in Education

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We extend a standard for doing agile scrum teamwork in education that permits individual assessment within teams (IAFOR ECE2020). Since the teacher's bandwidth in education is limited and increasingly under pressure, we focus on course design options that can be used to leverage the bandwidth. One economizing option in courses is to let teams prerecord prototype presentation videos before sprint review takes place. This allocates expensive teacher's time to team interrogation time which enriches interaction and engagement and enables effective sharing between teams to improve communication flow in sparse stakeholder feedback scenarios. We also describe three learning analytic pathways that can be smartly integrated into learning dashboards to monitor student and team progress or into learning recommender systems and chatbots to generate action-directed, just-in-time feedback and advice to students. The first one is for setup that enables control of important team diversity and student inclusion parameters such as demographic, personality and professional traits that are known from the student population in advance and that enables handy attribution of 21st-century skill sets within teams. The second one is the product pathway that builds on a datastream generated from qualitative, quantitative and immersive product features that are known from prototyping. The third one is the process pathway in which information on 21st-century skills is generated that are at play in individual and dynamic team processes. We are convinced that these extensions will further enable effective learning technology that is directed to applying agile scrum in education efficently, both for students as teachers.
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Publication statusPublished - 2022


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