Making the Green Mile Pavilion: Results of the Minor 'Robotic Production and Circular Materials'

M.R. Galli (Designer), M. Malé-Alemany (Editor), K. IJzerman (Photographer)

Research output: Web publication or non-textual formArtefactEducational

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Students of the Minor 'Robotic Production and Circular Materials' designed and created a modular outdoor structure suitable for the Green Mile Initiative. The structure fills in one parking lot, along the streetside of the Stadhouderskade.

In 2022, this street is one of the most polluted and dangerous street in Amsterdam. It is mainly a lot of asphalt, not beautiful, with little space for nature and mainly focused on moving traffic. We think this can be done differently.

The ambition is to turn Stadhouderskade into 'The Green Mile'; a green, sustainable, safe, vital and future-proof street for people, animals and nature. A meaningful public space that invites you to walk, meet, play sports and experience nature.

Because users of the Stadhouderskade can only realize this 'ambition' by joining forces, a movement is being established. The Municipality of Amsterdam, Rijksmuseum, Heineken, De Nederlandsche Bank, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, Blendingbricks and UNStudio are taking the initiative for this movement.

As part of the Minor 'Robotic Production and Circular Materials, a team of students and teachers designed and built a piece of street furniture, the size of one parking space, a conversation piece towards the greening of the Green Mile.
Original languageEnglish
Place of PublicationAmsterdam
PublisherHogeschool van Amsterdam, Faculteit Techniek
Publication statusPublished - 25 Jan 2023


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