Research and Education Group Applied Quantum Computing

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The Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences started a research and education group on Applied Quantum Computing at September 1st 2020. This group has a focus on Quantum Computing and Quantum Sensing. Quantum Computing is done together with the Computer Science program and Quantum Sensing with the new Technical Physics program which will start September 1st 2021.

The group is involved in educational efforts to create a general awareness of Quantum Computing under the umbrella of the innovation hub Quantum.Amsterdam. In February 2021 the group starts a minor Applied Quantum Computing. Students learn how to program quantum algorithms and together with companies such as Capgemini, Qu & Co and SURFsara engage in projects solving real problems.
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Publication statusPublished - 10 Feb 2021
EventICT Open 2021 -
Duration: 10 Feb 202111 Feb 2021


ConferenceICT Open 2021


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