Scenarios for Dutch teacher education: a trip to Rome: coach bus company or travel agency?

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In een themanummer van de European Journal of Teacher Education rond toekomstscenario’s voor de lerarenopleidingen in Europa, beschrijft Marco Snoek vier scenario’s die binnen de VELON ontwikkeld zijn voor de toekomst van de lerarenopleidingen in Nederland. ‘In The Netherlands, developments in teacher education are dominated by three issues. Stimulated by a severe shortage of teachers, teacher education is changing towards competence-based teacher education, work-based teacher education and market-oriented teacher education. These developments lead to a dynamic situation in teacher education, where the traditional presuppositions of the curriculum and teacher education itself are questioned. To many teacher educators, the number of changes and new approaches is rather confusing. To make sense out of the turbulent developments, the Dutch association for teacher education VELON started a scenario project in which four scenarios for the future of teacher education in The Netherlands emerge. These scenarios are structured by two variables: the freedom of schools to define the type of teacher education they want and the freedom of students in taking responsibility for their own learning process. Compared to the ATEE-RDC19 scenarios (ATEE-RDC19, 2003) the axis pragmatism–idealism is missing, since each of the VELON scenarios can be motivated both from a pragmatic and an idealistic point of view.’
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)122-135
JournalEuropean Journal of Teacher Education
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 2003


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