Smart Phone Mythologies–On Dasha Ilina’s Advice Well Taken

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Dasha Ilina’s video work Advice Well Taken: Folk Tales of Digital Savation uses the ‘techlore’ concept to find out what ‘urban legends’ are in the age of smartphones. You can watch the ‘director’s cut’ of the video installation here. You can also have a look at a selection of the catalogue here. The 2023 Impakt Festival information about the installation can be found here. The essay was commissioned by Dasha Iina for the catalogue that came out in November 2023 during the Impakt Festival in Utrecht, where the video installation premiered. Read the ‘cookie conversation’ with the artist here, conducted by the Impakt Festival.
Original languageEnglish
Place of PublicationAmsterdam
PublisherInstitute of Network Cultures
Media of outputOnline
Publication statusPublished - 29 Nov 2023


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