Transcending Responsibility. Developing a new interdisciplinary educational program

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The aim of this proposal is to develop an educational program with the provisional name ‘Care and Law’. The aim of this multidisciplinary educational program is to increase the knowledge of future professionals working at the intersection of health, wellbeing and law in the urban environment of Amsterdam.
In the Amsterdam metropolitan society, legal and healthcare professionals (including social workers) are increasingly confronted with issues at the intersection of (health)care and justice. Special areas of interest are the problems surrounding people suffering from a mental illness, youngsters that cause nuisances of themselves on the streets and homeless people. The approach to this kind of problems requires a multidisciplinary approach. This means that healthcare, social welfare and legal professionals have to work together, for instance to apply for involuntary care. However, these professionals all have their own perspective and responsibility in these situations which often results in tensions among the professionals and as a result a delayed provision of care (van den Hooff, 2015).

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We like to develop a new educational program in which students from different faculties work together on real time cases. At this moment, students at the Faculty of Applied Social Sciences and Law and the Faculty of Health are primarily trained in a monodisciplinary manner. They may be better equipped for their future work, if they get interdisciplinary training and courses. They need to learn what is meant by ‘Transcending Responsibility’; which means to be open to the perspective of the others professionals and to create a new shared responsibility (van den Hooff, 2015).
In this project, we like to work together with and learn from the expertise of other members of the consortium to enhance the quality of this educational project. The focus of the present project is to develop a new multidisciplinary educational program surrounding legal and care related themes. The idea is to familiarize students with the legal contexts in which they have to operate (for instance themes related to pressure and coercion) as well as the welfare and care context in which the client/patient is situated (the care from neighborhood teams, youth care teams or mental health care teams). In addition, student might jointly develop integrated approaches based on case studies from the professional field.
We like to be inspired, informed about and discuss innovative approaches which make interdisciplinary educational programs possible. Maybe it is possible to develop an international educational program with members of the consortium.
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Publication statusPublished - 28 Nov 2018
EventU!REKA: Shaping Urban Communities - Smart and Sustainable Solutions - Frankfurt University, Frankfurt, Germany
Duration: 26 Nov 201828 Nov 2018


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